Reviewing becomes easier

You know how it is.

A coworker creates a big pull request. You do a first review. Then they adds changes.

If you are lucky, they added their changes in a separate commit that you can review by itself. But it's not ideal, you loose the context.

Or you are not lucky.

My point is that you may need to review many times the same pull request, but some files won't change.

You can already collapse a file to skip its review, but the next time you'll come, it's not collapsed anymore.

Until now. You can mark a file as "reviewed" and it will be automatically collapsed. The mark will be removed automatically if the diff of the file changes with a new commit.

So now you can review like this:

  • read each file
  • if a file is OK for you, mark it as reviewed
  • if not, leave some comments

Then after the updates of the author, repeat.

At the end, all files will be marked as reviewed and it's time for a LGTM ;)

PS: it has nothing to do with the new reviews recently introduced by Github, it's just a little helper.

About the Github reviews, we are working on it. The fact that they don't propose a REST API for this doesn't help ;)