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isshub changes

Pull/merge requests base branches and relations





It is now possible to change the base branch of a pull/merge request directly on isshub without having to go to Github/Gitlab.

For example say we have a new feature to develop that can be split in two parts.

First we do a first merge request, "part 1", and while waiting for the review we start creating the "part 2".

So we set this new merge request to be based on the branch of the first part.

Which give us something like:


We can see in [1] a button to edit the base branch.

And in [2] we can see a link to the parent pull request, with the parent pull request having the equivalent link to the current one:


You can click on the link of the child/parent pull request to see it in a modal window.

Now assume that the first merge request is reviewed and merged in develop. To have a correct diff, we may want to change the base branch of the second merge request from feature/twidi/new-feature-part-2 to develop.

This can be done by clicking on the edit icon just on the left of our [1] mark in the first screenshot, which give us:


Just select your branch, click on the [✔️] button and it's done!

When a pull/merge request is based on a branch that is not the default one, this base branch is displayed in the list of issues:


And you can click on it to filter all pull/merge requests having the same base branch.

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