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isshub changes

New experimental diff mode + diff modes persistence





Experimental diff mode

We added a new experimental diff mode to make some changes easier to (re)view in pull/merge requests.

Here are a few examples of how this new mode render some changes:

Example 1:

When the only changes on a line is added text, only highlight this added text.

Normal mode:


Experimental mode:


Example 2:

When text is de-indented, only highlight the beginning of the line.

Normal mode:


Experimental mode:


Example 3:

When text is indented, only highlight the new indent part at the beginning of the line.

Normal mode:


Experimental mode:



To activate the experimental mode, open the diff menu


And check the "Use experimental diff" line


The new diff mode also works in "Side by side" view.

Note that the "Attenuate white space changes" is not available in this experimental mode.

Diff modes persistence

All the options regarding the rendering of the diff are now persistent:

  • Display files as tree
  • View diff side by side
  • Attenuate white space changes
  • Use experimental diff
  • Minimize this sidebar (this option only works in full-screen issue view)

So you can pick you preferred combination and it will stay the same every time you view a diff.

The persistence is only for a specific browser: for example you may want the side by side mode activated on your desktop browser but not on mobile.

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