isshub changes
isshub changes

Meet... Gitlab!





Less than a year ago, Microsoft bought Github.

Even if it doesn't change anything, a lot of people got scared and moved to Gitlab despite that at the time... Gitlab was hosted on Microsoft Azure (but it changed a few weeks later)

A few years ago, another change from Github already had the same consequences.

So it's now a thing: Github has a serious competitor, and at Isshub we decided to take that into account and integrated Gitlab, in addition to Github, into our product.

It was a hard work because everything was focused around the Github models and API, and there are a lot of differences between the two git hosting companies.

But the work is now done, and you can enjoy having a clean way to view your Gitlab issues, to review your merge requests, as you did for Github.

So you can have in Isshub a Github account and a Gitlab one (in fact many of them), switching to one or the other very easily.

We decided not to mix in the product the content of distinct accounts, but the switch is easy: you don't have to log out and log back in with the other account.

We added some niceties while rewriting some parts of the applications, like the way to mark issues as read or waiting (at any point in time of the issue), some small tweaks in the UI, etc, etc.

Some things are specific to Gitlab. The main points are:

  • with the free Gitlab plan, you cannot assign many users to an issue
  • we managed to have a clean way to never have to scroll to find a thread: every comments are at their place in the issue timeline, with an easy way to see the whole thread.
  • we managed to have clean "reviewed"/"discarded" comments for projects that don't have Gitlab reviews activated because of the feature not activated in their plan

We hope you'll find this useful to be able to use the same UI to manage the content of two very different git hosting products.