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isshub changes

Full edit and create/edit/view in new browser tab





Until now, it was not possible to edit all the fields of an issue/pull/merge request at once, it was only possible field by field.

As convenient as it can be when you want to edit a single field (add a label for example), it could be annoying for a more complex change.

So now it's possible to edit all fields in a unique form.

Simply click on the big blue Edit button:


And it will open the form in a modal:


Notice the little icons on the top right:


The first icon one will open this form in a new tab in your browser, while keeping the changes you may already have made. It can be useful if you want to edit for example the description but need to look for something on another issue.

The second icon will enlarge the modal in the current tab.

And the third one will close it.

Note that there icons are also available on the modal used to create an issue. So if you start creating an issue and want to have more information from another one, you can open the create form in a new tab, while keeping everything you entered.

About the big blue Edit button, note that it is also available on the bottom of the page. So it's possible to add a comment/review and without scrolling back to the top, edit the issue (change assignees, labels…)


And finally, it's not only possible to create and edit in a new tab, but you can open an issue or pull/merge request in a new tab. So now you can have many issues opened at once, without having each time a big list opened.

To do so, you have many ways:

  • With the keyboard: Ctrl-click (use Cmd-click on mac) on the link of an issue/pull/merge request
  • With the mouse: right-click on the link of an issue/pull/merge request, then select "Open in a new tab" (text may differ depending on your browser)
  • With the mouse: put your cursor over an issue/pull/merge request on the list and wait for the popup to be displayed:


You can see two icons on the top right. The first one will open in a modal in the current tab, the second one will open in a new tab in your browser.

And the last way, when you are in an opened issue/pull/merge request, via the main menu on the top right:



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