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isshub changes

Files tree and fast review





It is now possible to display the files of a pull/merge request in a tree view.

It looks like this:


Notice how we "merge" directories, like for react-reconcilier/src.

Here is the "list view" of the same pull request, for comparison:


Tree view comes with a nice feature: a fast way to review a whole directory. This is available by opening the menu on the right of the directory name:



Here you have a button to copy the full path of the directory, and buttons to easily review all the files. It can be useful for example ff this is a folder containing compiled assets: you can mark all of them as ignored in your review.

Note that there is also a menu for files, with also a button to copy the full path and a way to set your review for this file:


Note that this menu for files is also available in "list view'.

And last point, you can "collapse" a directory to hide its content, by clicking on its name. In the following screen, we collapsed the __tests__ directory:


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